UNT Men-D1 Cornell University Invitational Back-to-Back Champions:

L-R: Coach Bill Dencker, Niklaus Felhaber, John Dencker, Coach Vaughn Miller Sr, Vance Miller III, Mosiah Gravesande


NEWS RELEASE -- NOVEMBER 27, 2023 --OAK POINT, TEXAS-The 2023-2024 D1 UNT mens polo team of Vance Miller III (Dallas),John Dencker (New York), Niklaus Felhaber (El Paso) and Mosiah Gravesande (Philadeplhia) capped off a successful fall 2023 season at Prestonwood with back-to-back wins in the D1 Texas Intercollege Polo Championship and Cornell University's prestigious William S. Fields Invitational Intercollegiate Polo Tournament. The UNT mens intercollegiate polo team won the D1 Texas College Polo Championship played as the DFW Polo Association's USPA Southwestern Circuit Arena Constitution Cup at the world-class Mayer Ranch/SMU  & Prestonwood Arenas Nov 11-12 with finals livestreamed by Game on Sports Network. UNT defeated SMU 15-11 and University of Kentucky 12-6 to win the Championship and $2,000 prize money, the UNT Mens team traveled to Cornell University the following weekend to play in the prestigious William S. Fields Invitational riding an exceptional string of horses generously provided by Gardnertown Polo Club, and won 2 victories defeating Cornell 22-11 and SMU 18-17 to win the tournament and UNT is clearly ranked no. 1 in the country and in the upcoming National Championship in April 2024 at UVA. UNT player Vance Miller III was leading scorer both tournaments with 13 goals and 20 goals respectively. Niklaus had 8 & 10 goals in each tournament, John Dencker had had 5 & 9 goals in each tournament, Mosiah Gravesande had 1 goal. Prestonwood also had a very successful fall Outdoor polo season with the DFW Polo Association putting in 3 teams (Prestonwood, Hondo, Gusto/Adobe Lodge)  in all 4 4-goal tournaments and winning 3 of them:

USPA $2500 Masters Cup (0-4): Adobe Lodge/Gusto winner
October 5-October 14

USPA $2500 Centennial Cup (0-4): Hondo winner
October 19-October 28
​USPA $2500 Sportsmanship Cup (0-4): Gusto winner
November 2-November 4

Prestonwood also entered a team in the DFW Polo 12-goal tournaments this Fall: Vaughn Miller Jr (3), Vance Miller III (1), Trevor Niznik (3), Alejandro Alvarez (2)

UNT Men- D1 Back-to-Back Texas Champions:

L-R: Niklaus Felhaber, John Dencker, Vance Miller III, Mosiah Gravesande with Ken Mayer, DFW Polo President


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Vance Miller III scores a 2-pointer in the Texas Championship

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