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Each member agrees to the terms and conditions of the online waiver & release form via Waiverfile::

  Furthermore In support of the Mission Statement of Prestonwood Polo & Country Club (the “Club”), an Operating Creed and Code of Conduct has been developed to ensure a safe, friendly and respectful environment for our Members, visitors and staff while reaffirming the Club’s operating philosophy. While not exhaustive, the statements below reflect the manner in which the Board of Directors envisions the Club being operated:

The Club’s primary goal is to provide a family-oriented social and recreational club environment centered around the sport of Polo and other related equestrian activity. The Club should be made distinctive by the congeniality, compatibility and diversity of its membership.

Members should actively participate in Club activities, be willing to contribute and serve the Club when asked and support our dining and recreational facilities. Participation by our young people in Club activities will be encouraged.

Personal guests and family members are always welcome at Prestonwood with the sponsoring Member responsible for their group’s behavior while visiting Club facilities.

Members will be cognizant that they are representatives of Prestonwood Polo & Country Club when they are away from the Club.

Our staff will plan, manage and control the day-to-day operations of the Club under the guidance of the Board of Directors and the General Manager. They will be empowered and supported to enforce our Operating Creed and Club Code of Conduct.

The Club’s community reputation objective is to be a Club in which membership is highly valued by virtue of its affable, compatible active Members and excellent facilities.

All stakeholders are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that creates an environment and culture that is reflective of the personal integrity and decorum consistent with a family polo and country club.

The following Code of Conduct calls for Members, visitors and staff to conduct themselves in a manner that:

Acknowledges the Club as a family friendly facility where business is also often conducted and refrains from using obscenities and loud, boisterous behavior inappropriate for children, family members, staff or business associates.

Demonstrates the utmost respect and dignity to fellow Members, staff and visitors.

Understands that members and visitors will not reprimand Club employees.

Recognizes that Members and visitors do not have the authority to instruct staff in job performance and duties and is aware that the Club’s General Manager is responsible for instructing the staff in the performance of their duties.

In attention, neglect, poor service or other improper conduct on the part of any Club employee should be reported to the General Manager or appropriate Committee Chair.

Understands that the membership, through the General Manager or Board members, may make suggestions and recommendation regarding the operation of the Club.

Acknowledges that we are all representatives of the Club when out in the community, at other Clubs or while enjoying our facilities.

Accepts responsibility for supervision of their children while on Club property. Children are expected to behave in an orderly, well-behaved manner and to not disrupt other Member’s while at the Club.
Smoking is prohibited anywhere in the Pavilion Clubhouse or barns. Smoking is permitted outside these areas but please be respectful and properly dispose of cigarette butts in the trash cans and not on the grounds.

Acts in a responsible manner when consuming alcoholic beverages and understands that the General Manager or other authorized person may refuse to provide service to a Member, family or guest if judged to be intoxicated.

Use of any illegal drug substances on Club facilities is strictly prohibited and is subject to Texas law.

Any Member not adhering to these rules or who conducts themselves in an unbecoming manner shall be requested by the Staff or Manager on duty to leave Club property immediately.  Members committing repeat offences will have their membership terminated WITHOUT REFUND.

Most rules infractions will be brought to the attention of the offending Member, spouse, dependent or guest by the professional staff in as courteous manner as possible. The Board of Directors shall be the sole judge of all discipline matters. Before any member may be disciplined, a signed written complaint must be delivered to the General Manager and President. Complaints will be resolved within 30 days of the complaint or at its next regularly scheduled Board meeting.