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NEWS RELEASE---FEBRUARY 2023 –We are pleased to announce the formation of the DFW Polo Association.  The DFW Polo Association was created by the member clubs and polo field owners in the North Texas area to foster tournament polo, grow the sport of polo and provide a safe USPA environment in the DFW metroplex.  Clubs that have elected to join the association include Lakeshore Polo Club, Legends Polo Club, Mayer Ranch Polo, Mokarow Farms, Prestonwood Polo Club, Santa Anita Polo and Willow Bend Polo Club.  DFW Polo Association will be controlling the tournaments across these clubs and fields for the 2023 polo season.  The tournaments for 2023 will include USPA 4-goal, 6-goal and 8-goal tournaments and also include a Margarita League.  The Spring Season is set to kick off on May 4th!

 Spring Season:

4-6 Goal USPA Prize Money Tournaments:  May 4th – July 4th :  4 tournaments lasting 2 weeks each, 4 chukkers
Margarita League:  May 4th – July 4th :  Low goal, teams are switched up every month, 4 chukkers

 Fall Season:

4-Goal USPA Tournaments:  September 7th – November 3rd, 4-5 tournaments lasting 1-2 weeks each, 4 chukkers
8-Goal USPA Tournaments:  September 21st – October 31st, 3 tournaments lasting 2 weeks each, 6 chukkers
Margarita League:  September 7th – October 31st:  low goal, teams are switched up every month, 4 chukkers

The number of tournaments and tournament length are dependent upon the weather, but this schedule provides for maximum number of tournaments during the Spring/Fall season.  The number of tournaments and schedules can change due to the weather and field conditions.

Pricing for the USPA Tournaments are on a per TEAM basis.  Obviously, split-teams can work out amongst the individual team the amount each player on the team would pay.  The USPA Tournament fees include the Tournament Entry Fee, Umpires, EMT’s, field usage for games and admission to watch other games/attend sponsored asados.  Practices/Lessons/Pro-Fees are not part of these Tournament Fees.  Each tournament will have a Tournament Committee that will supervise the draw to determine the order of play and which fields will be used for that particular game.  All USPA tournaments are in the process of becoming eligible for the Tournament Support Program whereby the USPA will provide prize money for the winners; this is a work-in-progress, but we are striving to have these prizes available by the start of the Spring Season.  All fees are due prior to the first game to be played.


Full Package (1 team in 6-goal, 4-goal & 8-goal, potential of 12 total USPA Prize-money Tournaments):  $25,000 per team
Mid/Low Goal Package (1 team in Spring 6-goal AND Fall 4-goal, potential of 8 total USPA Tournaments):  $10,000 per team
Single Season Low Goal (Spring 6-goal OR the Fall 4-goal, potential of 4 USPA Tournaments):  $6,000 per team for that ONE season
Single Season High Goal (Fall 8-goal, potential of 3 USPA Tournaments):  $18,000 per team
Margarita League is $1,000 per player per Season

The DFW Polo Association is an Association of the member clubs.  It is governed by a committee made up of all of the individual clubs and not one person or entity.  We are in the process of hiring a Club Manager that will direct the day-to-day operations and tournaments throughout the seasons.  We are in the process of setting up our website and other marketing materials, and we apologize for not having these items ready at this moment, but we are diligently working on providing these items before the Spring Season starts.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly or your home club representative.

The DFW Polo Association strives to provide polo to all levels of play in the area, creating an environment for larger participation and bracket play in tournaments while providing a teaching opportunity through the polo schools at the individual clubs and through the Margarita Leagues. 

Prestonwood's pricing remains the same $2500 per season Spring & Fall ($1500 greens fees + $1000 to DFW polo for Sat Margarita League) +$1,000 for Winter Arena discounted to $5,000 per year if paid in advance. we will be reciprocating with other DFW Polo Association Clubs including Willow Bend, Paid players will also be able to practice at our neighbor Willow Bend Polo club.

We welcome you to join us in our first year as the DFW Polo Association.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ken Mayer or your home DFW club representative:


 Please see the DFW Polo Association News Announcement​