Prestonwood has been the proud home of the TCU Polo Club since 2011.  Coach Vaughn Miller has coached and taught polo to dozens of  TCU students who have fallen in love with the game.  Prestonwood is 55 minutes from the TCU campus!  Polo is one of the most exciting and fun equestrian sports in the world and available to students at TCU.  Come out try the sport of kings, schedule is Sunday mornings.

The TCU Polo team competes in the United States Polo Association Intercollegiate polo tournaments.  Intercollegiate polo has a long and storied history in the USA dating back to 1928 with Princeton, Harvard & Yale. Today over 60 colleges across america have polo teams including SMU, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, OSU and many more.   Contact us today to sign up:​


Live Here. Play Here.