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Vaughn Miller Jr 8-goal at Sarasota

Prestonwood winners 12-goal Live Oak  Tournament- L-R: Felipa Viana, Hernon Radcliff, Vaughn Miller Sr, Ladena Miller, Vaughn Miller Jr  and Vance Miller III at Port Mayaca Polo Club, Florida

Vance Miller III 8-goal at Sarasota

Tito's winners 8-goal Wayne Brown Memorial L-R:

Vance Miller III, James P. Uihlein, Vaughn Miller Jr, Joe Wayne Barry

Curator winners 8-goal USPA Regional President's Cup International Polo School at NPC L-R:

Nachi Viana, Nacho Cabrera, Vaughn Miller Jr & Jake Schaufeld

10 Oaks winners 6-goal Sarastoa February League:

Kelly Beck, Vance Miller III, Neil Osburg and Stuart Campbell 

Tito's winners 12-goal USPA National Commander-in-chief cup L-R:

James P. Uihlein, Vaughn Miller Jr, Francisco Mera, Joe Wayne Barry at Sarasota Polo Club

Tito's team celebrate the win!

Gusto Polo 8-goal team International Polo School at NPC January Tournament- L-R: Cale Curtin, Vance Miller III, Vaughn Miller Jr, Nachi Viana



Miller brothers, Vaughn Miller Jr  and  Vance Miller III have just completed a very successful winter season in Florida winning the March Live Oak 12-goal tournament at Port Mayaca Polo Club with teammates Felipe Viana and Herndon Radcliff, and sweeping the Sarasota Polo Club's February 6-goal, 8-goal & 12-goal leagues they won the 8-goal Wayne Brown Memorial and 12-goal USPA National Outdoor Commander -in -Chief Cup playing for James P. Uihlein's Tito's team in the 8-goal & 12-goal with treammates Joe Wayne Barry & francisco Mera and for Kelly Beck's 10 Oaks team in the 6-goal with teammates Stuart Campbell & Neil Osburg,  Vaughn Miller Jr earned 2 MVP awards for both the 12-goal Live Oak Tournament at Port Mayaca and the 8-goal Wayne Brown Memorial in Sarasota. In addition Vaughn Miller Jr played for Skaneateles in the Port Mayaca 8-goal and for Gusto Polo with our very own Cale Curtin in the January International Polo School 8-goal at NPC and for Curator in March winning the USPA Regional Presidents Cup 8-goal with teammates Nachi Viana, Nacho Cabrera and Jake Schaufeld. In April the Miller Brothers head to UVA to play for UNT in the USPA National Intercollegiate Championship, then return to Dallas to play in the DFW Polo Association tournaments.

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Photos by Julio Aguilar &

Laura Linfoot Townsend


Vaughn Miller Sr & Vaughn Miller Jr MVP 12-goal at Port Mayaca

Vaughn Miller Jr MVP 8-goal at Sarasota

Vaughn Miller Jr 8-goal at Sarasota